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Last Recorder

Last Recorder is a small program that can save tracks from Last.fm audio streams into separate tagged mp3 files.


How it works

Very simple. After starting the program and logging into Last.fm, you choose the station, start recording and leave it working. When you return after some time, you find recorded tracks sorted as <Artist>/<Album>/<Title>.mp3 in the selected folder.

You don’t need to use your browser to tune to the desired station. Everything is done in Last Recorder.

Also it’s not even necessary to log into Last.fm manually every time you start Last Recorder because by default it saves user name and password (encrypted) you entered first time.


Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04) packages and Windows executable are available. On other systems you can install Last Recorder from source.


Simply download .exe file into a folder (e.g. C:\lastrecorder) and start it.


There is a Last Recorder package repository for Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04). To avoid messages about not authenticated packages, add the repository’s public key using the following command:

sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 7D231D49
To subscribe to the repository, add the following source line to your Third Party Software Sources (System->Administration->Software Sources, Third Party Software tab):
deb http://timka.org/ubuntu/ jaunty main
After reloading package information you should be able to install Last Recorder like this:
sudo aptitude -r install lastrecorder

Getting help

Should you have any questions, please read the Last Recorder FAQ first (also available Last Recorder FAQ in Russian).

If you have issues using Last Recorder not included in the above FAQ, please report them from the project page. Also you can get the source code and suggest a patch.

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